Ellie Dixon

It's time to get Ugly

Find my funky empowerment bop everywhere now!

This is my biggest project to date and I'm so happy it's out! A total feel-good tune saying everything I want to say about empowerment and self love mixed in with more groove and fun than you could ever dream of. Totally self-produced, self-released and with a bonkers music video to match.

Be who you are.
Do what you love.
Get Ugly.

New Single Pressure Out Now

My brand new latin indie pop bop is out on all streaming platforms, go give it some love!

This song was self-produced from start to finish, from composition to mastering and I'm so proud of it. I performed all the vocals, guitars and bass and while driving me completely crazy listening to it a million times a day, it's still my baby. It's both a love and a hate song to the part of me that is always pushing me to do better and I hope you all take a bit of strength from it too. Failing that, I hope you can shake your hips to it like the boss bitches you are x